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Available in both hard cover and paperback, The Mastery Journal has been created as a companion to Stone Heart, Light Heart: The Intelligence of Self Mastery.


The journey of self mastery is a commitment to a way of life. Prioritising your self and the ownership of your personal space takes discipline and a deep respect for the process of understanding yourself and the structures that make up your behaviors. Putting in daily habits to support your self mastery journey can be as simple as a daily meditation, a set period to exercise, or a commitment to daily reflection and intention setting.


A mantra introduced in Stone Heart, Light Heart is...

"Your inner world is reflected in your outer world. If you want to make a change in your outer world, change your inner world".


The Mastery Journal commands your attention to your inner world. It enables you to implement powerful daily habits using meaningful self reflection questions which will set your outer world up for mastery.


Purchase as a single item, or bundle with Stone Heart Light Heart - The Intelligence of Self Mastery for best value.


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The Mastery Journal

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