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Stella is regularly invited to deliver keynote speeches or host workshops on the topic of self mastery. Stone Heart Light Heart is now a staple text provided to graduates by multiple businesses and universities to get them started on their self mastery journey. 

Stella's experience in this space has also led to appointments on a number of executive mentoring programs for high performing university graduates and professionals at various stages of their careers. 

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International Womens Day 2024 at TikTok

Stella was invited to TikTok Sydney on International Womens Day. She spoke on the UN Women Australia's provocation - Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress.

In a world where the landscape of opportunity is constantly evolving, Stella unpacked the significance of this provocation in the context of modern corporate careers through the lens of self mastery.

Kindness & Leadership

Stella has been named as a Leading Light in 2023’s Kindness & Leadership, 50 Leading Lights Asia Pacific campaign. 


The initiative, sponsored by Asia Square, showcases 50 amazing individuals from different industries across the Asia Pacific region that are positively contributing to businesses, the economy, and broader society.  


Learn more about the Kindness & Leadership initiative and view the other 2023 listees here: 


Check out the other 2023 Kindness & Leadership listees here:

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Australian Women

in Recruitment 

Stella was invited to LinkedIn HQ in Sydney to be part of the panel at the Australian Women in Recruitment event, alongside female recruitment leaders Rebecca Hartshorn, Emily Wilson, and Emma O'Connell.

The audience was a gathering of female recruitment professionals, and the panel conversation covered a spectrum of topics, offering insights into the unique experiences of women in the industry.

They explored questions like why you choose to stay in recruitment, dismantling common misconceptions about the field, and how to amplify visibility and build a personal brand as a recruiter.

ETEX Global Finance
& IT Conference

Stella was invited to deliver a keynote presentation and facilitate  workshop on Cultivating Confidence Through the Lens of Self Mastery at ETEX's Global Finance and IT Conference. 

After the session, attendees formed a line for a chance to get a copy of Stone Heart Light Heart: The Intelligence of Self Mastery signed by Stella.

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Honorary Adjunct Fellowship,
WSU Business School

Stella was invited to join the Western Sydney University Business School as an Honorary Adjunct Fellow. This title has been awarded in recognition of Stella's close relationship with the university and her expertise in the field of self mastery and career development.


Her journey with Western Sydney University has been supported by Professor Amir Mahmood, Dean of the Business School, and Anthony Matis of CAANZ who first introduced Stella to the university.

Connected Women Australia

Stella was invited to present as a keynote speaker at Google HQ in Sydney as a part of Connected Women Australia's event; Stronger Together.

Stella's speech was on Cultivating Confidence Through the Lens of Self Mastery and encouraged the audience to take steps to break free from self criticism and their negative internal voice.

Connected Women Australia is a diverse community dedicated to fostering professional advancement for women and allies in the realms of business and technology. This community is supported by Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Spotify, Project F, and Microsoft.

UTS Guest Lecture
on Self Mastery

UTS Accounting students attended a guest lecture by Stella, facilitated by CAANZ, which focused on the role self mastery plays in a successful career. The session included the Build Your Legacy workshop, encouraging students to consider their life's purpose and set short and long term goals. The session received incredible feedback and equipped the attendees with essential skills, currently not covered in their course, that will give them an edge in the employment market and in their careers. 

Western Sydney University

Stella returned to Western Sydney University, alongside CAANZ as an industry partner on the Executive Mentoring Program for high-performing business students, supporting them in their transition from academia to corporate with a particular focus on her teaching in self mastery. 


Students on this program are often simultaneously working many hours a week  to support themselves financially and through that process learning humility, respect, kindness and many other skills that will make them into a truly great leader.  Stella focuses on building on that with her knowledge of the skills that are in demand by employers  in 2023, most of which no fall into the self mastery categories of self management and relationship building. 

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Women in AI Summit 2023

Stella delivered the keynote at the 2023 Women in AI Summit in Sydney, sharing her insights on self mastery followed by a Q&A where delegates could explore the presentation content more and get their copy of Stone Heart Light Heart signed .

Macquarie University

Graduate and post graduate students gathered for the launch of the Lucy Mentoring Program at Macquarie University's City Campus as Stella Petrou Concha delivered  a keynote on self mastery and women in business. The event was a chance for the students to network and to hear stories from some of Sydney's most inspiring business leaders.  

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Business Educators Association Conference

Stella delivered a fireside chat on self mastery to a group of Business Teachers, who were all very curious about the behaviours that enable us to regain control over our lives.

The Q&A session highlighted the challenges teachers face getting kids to detach from judgment, and the benefits self mastery could bring to the students as well as the teachers. Food for thought for future projects!

UTS Business School

20 of the top finance business school students at UTS had the opportunity to reflect on themselves before embarking on their self mastery journey. 
Failure as the doorway to extraordinary growth was one of the key topics we covered, as well as critical lessons on detaching from ego and judgment. The session was rounded off with Stella’s Build Your Legacy workshop, a great foundation for tomorrow’s finance leaders.


UNSW Business School

100 students and mentors joined Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand for the launch of UNSW Business School's Mentoring Program and networking event.
Stella provided the keynote covering judgment, detachment from ego and embracing failure as a precursor to the group reading their copy of Stone Heart Light Heart. 

Western Sydney University

Stella was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the University of Western Sydney's Executive Mentoring Event, run in partnership with CAANZ. Each mentee was provided with a copy of Stone Heart Light Heart to kick start their self mastery journey. 
Stella, one of the executive mentors on the program, took them through an introduction to the concept of self mastery and four key lessons from her book. 

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