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Keynotes and Workshops

Stella is an engaging keynote speaker, invited to open and close a wide variety of corporate and industry events. In her relatable presentations, Stella draws on her wealth of knowledge as a self mastery expert, weaving in her experience as a CEO, executive development firm co-founder and university lecturer.  

Stella shares examples from her own career and experiences, with tangible takeaways for attendees to implement, so the value of her sessions lasts long after the event itself. She has most recently delivered sessions for Google, TikTok, Etex, Reckitt and LinkedIn, inspiring her audiences to embark on their personal journey with self mastery to transform their careers and their overall wellbeing.

Your Future Through the Lens of Self Mastery

 Duration: 2 hours / half day

Stella invites reflection across 5 key areas of self mastery – Negative Self Talk, Judgment and People Pleasing, Fear of Failure, Vibrational Energy and Life’s Purpose. After an interactive presentation Stella will take the group through the reflection questions, providing tips on how to get started in each area. Participants will document their key learnings and one action to get themselves started after the event.

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Build Your

Duration: 2 hours / half day

This workshop has been designed to connect you with your higher purpose in life, inspiring long term thinking and shifting your mindset from ‘impossible’ to ‘possible’. Carefully curated activities take participants through a process of identifying a set of goals, with one hero goal that provides a blueprint to living your legacy.

Running this workshop for a corporate team can spark an ‘innovation mindset’ with long-term thinking at it’s core. With an identified purpose your team become more accountable, more motivated, increasing fulfilment in their roles and your organisation.

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Interactive workshops take a deeper dive into key self mastery lessons, with reflection tasks that help participants to determine the work they need to do in each area and tips for getting started. Stella’s delivery is peppered with anecdotes from her own self mastery journey, reinforcing the enormous impact that transforming your inner world can have on your outer world.

Choose from two key topics that can be bolted together for either a half or full day session:

What Event Attendees are Saying


"Stone Heart Light Heart was a blessing I needed. I was wondering if I was strong enough physically and mentally to take on new challenges. Having trust in myself, that I am capable, and in control, was truly unforgettable to learn and apply to my life”


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