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"The journey of self mastery is taking information and turning it into knowledge, taking knowledge and turning it into wisdom, and taking wisdom and turning it into intelligence."

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Are you the master of your own life?

Do you truly know who you are?

Mastering your mind by detaching from your ego, your fears, the judgment of others, and instead connecting with your higher consciousness to manifest your dreams and fulfil your purpose, is transformative. In all areas of your life.

Are you ready to embark on a lifelong journey with self mastery? If you are looking for change in your outer world, to identify your purpose and realise your dreams, you must first turn inwards and master your inner world.

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Stone Heart Light Heart - The Intelligence of Self Mastery is now available in audiobook format from all major audiobook platforms. 


Narrated by Stella this format is complimented by the free downloadable companion workbook so the tasks at the end of each lesson can be easily completed. 




Connected Women Australia

Stella was invited to present as a keynote speaker at Google HQ in Sydney as a part of Connected Women Australia's event; Stronger Together.

This community is supported by Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Spotify, Project F, and Microsoft, and Stella shared with them how to Cultivate Confidence Through the Lens of Self Mastery, encouraging the audience to take steps to break free from self criticism and their negative internal voice.

Notes from Stella.

Build on your journey of self mastery through these notes, meditations and articles.  Sharpen your self awareness and your toolkit with thought provoking posts that guide and inspire you.  


Delve Deeper...

Receive monthly notes, ideas and articles from Stella that build on four key themes:

from Ego

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Embracing Failure

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 Vibrational Energy

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Praise for Stone Heart Light Heart

Stone Heart Light Heart was a blessing I needed, to apply to my hectic life. I was catching myself a lot, wondering if I was strong enough physically and mentally to take on the new challenges and potentials I have unlocked through this mentoring program. Having trust in myself, that I am capable, and in control of me, was truly unforgettable to learn and apply to my life.


UNSW Business School Mentoring Program, Mentee

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