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Meet Stella.

I have dedicated over twenty years to helping people realise their potential. I work with top executives from some of the world’s best-known brands, connecting them to the right people to drive their business forward. Through this work I have gained invaluable insights into what it takes to bring forth your inner power, to find your purpose and to shake off the limitations we impose on ourselves in order to find success. Many of these findings I have implemented in my own career, I have shared with my teams and with the clients and candidates I work with. Now I want to share them with you. 

Growing up in Newcastle NSW, my childhood was typical of a first generation Greek Cypriot. I was influenced by my immigrant father, who arrived in Australia in his late twenties. He shared with me books on mind mastery and creative intelligence at the tender age of twelve. This foundation set the course for my love affair with self mastery and the personal power that follows.  

My early studies were in the medical sphere, but I quickly learned that working with patients wasn’t going to meet my need to help people on a deeply personal level. Instead the universe brought me opportunities that led me to an enormously fulfilling career in recruitment.

One of the biggest themes of my professional life has been mastering myself by building a positive relationship with failure and detaching from the opinions of others. My success in the corporate world has been facilitated by taking risks and putting myself out there, and alongside that success has come failure, which has delivered more personal and professional growth than I ever could have imagined.

My vision now is to challenge people to embark on their own journey of self mastery. This journey isn’t easy. The buck stops with you.  I know, that only through mastering yourself, can you truly thrive and awaken your power.

My Books, Podcasts, Articles and Notes will all lead you to answer these three questions :


Who am i?


Do I like who I am?

Am I the master of my life?

Join me on this journey; lets take a look behind the veil of who you think you are. I am positive you will be surprised to find what’s in store for you.




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Stella in Corporate Life

Stella is CEO of talent search agency Reo Group, co-founder of executive development firm HiveQ and a thought leader and influencer in the recruitment space.


Renowned for their evidence based approach to recruitment, Reo Group are leading change for people, through people. Consistently challenging industry norms and expectations, the team provide the highest level of personalised service for their clients and candidates.


Reo Group work with a long list of household names in the areas of Executive Search, Commerce and Industry, Financial Services & Insurance and Technology recruitment, covering permanent, temporary and contract roles. People are the heart of everything Reo Group do, and the agency have won multiple awards across the areas of service excellence, client experience, candidate experience.

Stella has applied her self mastery learnings with significant success at Reo Group, both with her team and with executive level clients looking to further elevate their potential and thrive in the current business climate. The feedback and results Stella has achieved in her work are testament to the importance of self management skills in today’s workplace.

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