Stone Heart Light Heart - Out Now

Stone Heart, Light Heart brings together the ancient laws of the universe and unites mysticism with the science of psychology.

This book will show you how to:

• Find the ‘I’ within

• Master your mind

• Develop grit and mental toughness

• Succeed by developing your courage to fail

• Defeat fear and self-doubt

• Find your inner warrior

• Forgive and love all that is

• Master the laws of the universe

• Find your purpose

• Develop an unwavering passion to chase your dreams


Stone Heart, Light Heart encompasses the wisdom and truth of the soul.


Stone Heart is tough and detached; a warrior of spirit, wielding the ability to overcome fear and self-doubt.


Light Heart is the spiritual aspect of you that brings forth joy, love and acceptance. When you master both Stone Heart and Light Heart, a power rises within you, giving you the unwavering passion to manifest your dreams.


Legacy: The Sustainable Development
Goals in Action


In 2015, some of the world's most successful business leaders launched a plan to protect our planet. They created 17 sustainable development goals, with the aim of achieving them by 2030. 


Legacy documents how these goals are being adopted and embraced at a grassroots level by business leaders who are paving the way for the future.


Stella Petrou Concha is one of 52 changemakers who co-authored this brilliantly conceived and crafted book. Be inspired as these incredible leaders who show you how to embrace the sustainable development goals for a better business, a better life, a better world.