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What Does it Mean to Manifest?

Do you understand what it means to manifest?

Are you able to manifest?

If you believe that you can and have manifested, can you easily explain how to manifest to a friend?

Manifesting is widely misunderstood. It is not a psychic ability to see the future or to conjure up a very specific event or item merely by thinking about it. Quite the contrary.

First of all let’s focus in on this concept of ‘future’. The future doesn’t actually exist and it’s important to acknowledge that. The future is merely a fantasy or creative imagination based on your predominate patterns of thought. It isn’t real. We cannot predict the future because it is not written. All we have is our present moment.

What about the past? Well, the past exists, but only in our memories once the moment has passed. These memories can influence our operating model of thought, drawing in the belief system we have unconsciously created through events that have happened in our lives. As I have discussed in a previous post, we should avoid allowing the past to curate the future. If we don’t detach from the emotions created by events of our past, we can get trapped in a repetitive pattern of past events and behaviours repeating themselves over and over because we recreate them in our present moment. We can’t progress, we don’t achieve, we see history frustratingly repeating itself. There is work to be done to let go of the past before you are truly able to manifest.

Manifesting is directly correlated with your resting vibrational energy. Your vibrational energy is a product of your thoughts and emotions and can be felt by others. It is not only felt but it is reflected back towards you. Other people will unconsciously mirror your energy (consider how someone’s positive energy can invigorate a whole group) and the universe will present you with opportunities and situations that are a direct result of that energy (consider how that person’s positive energy influencing a team can then result in that team’s success in achieving a particular goal).

So how do we manifest the future then? How do we understand and influence our vibrational energy?

We do so in our present moment, letting go of the past and without too great a degree of focus on the future. We tap into our inner energy source and we allow clarity of thought. We open our hearts and minds to our higher consciousness and then we tune in and listen.

Through practice, and meditation is an excellent tool to hone these skills, you will sharpen your methods of perception, increasing the accuracy with which you read your energetic field in your present moment. This is the vehicle by which one can manifest. Your energy field is rich in data – turn in and listen to that energy, what is it telling you in relation to what is happening in the present moment? This is what should be driving your next moment, influencing your decision making and your energy, which will be mirrored back to you in the outcomes and opportunities that present themselves. We cannot ‘read the future’ but we can read our own energy and through that influence the future.

Can you read what’s in your energetic field right now? If you can tell me what’s happening in the present moment in your field, then I can tell you the types of things you are going to manifest. It’s cause and effect. It’s that simple.

Let’s be clear on one thing though. Simply desiring an outcome and exuding positive energy around it doesn’t not miraculously manifest it. You will also need to take tangible steps towards a goal you would like to achieve. However, our unconscious mind is driven by our energy, our thoughts; so our behaviour and actions will naturally be influenced by this energy, making taking action to achieve your goals a much easier and more organic process.

The path of the future is paved in the present. We cannot know for certain the next step of our future, but we can choose the direction we are facing in the present to help steer it. When your higher consciousness is in the driving seat, your ego firmly in the back, you are able to silence the voices in your head that bring in past conditioning, beliefs that don’t serve you, doubts and fears and negative emotions. Instead you connect directly with your energy source and emit a positive energy unblemished by unconscious bias. Then, instead of hoping to achieve something you will manifest it.

To recap, manifestation is not about visualising an object or a scenario and then expecting it to come true, but instead is intertwined with the thoughts and emotions influencing your unconscious thinking. When manifesting you are conditioning yourself to naturally take the steps towards a particular goal by believing that you will attain it in the present moment.

Of course, there are some external barriers that can make some goals harder to manifest than others. The odds can be stacked against you due to restrictions on availability or the bias of others. This shouldn’t stop you in any way, however it’s important to consider the complexity of the goals you are working towards. There can also be internal barriers; I mentioned earlier the need to unpack some of our past, make sense of it and move on before embarking on future goals. In other words, build your stone heart before turning your attention to your light heart.

Becoming more present is a great first step to manifesting your goals. Meditation will help you disconnect from your monkey mind and learn to turn in. Accepting your present moment is also critical, after all if the future doesn’t exist and the past is only held in your memories, it really is all we have.

Learn to find joy and gratitude in the present, which will positively influence your vibrational energy, and above all tune in to what your energy is telling you in any given situation, as that energy is what you will see reflected back at you. Do you like what you see in that mirror? If not, work to change it. With practice, generating positive vibrational energy, alongside visualising your goals, will start to generate some incredible results.


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