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Don't Let the Past Curate your Future

Understanding how your past conditioning can curate your future has been one of my biggest learnings in my journey of self-mastery.

Your future is created by the decisions you make in your present moment. These decisions are formed off the back of your past conditioning, values, beliefs and attachments. All are formations of your ego.

Your ego is your sense of self. It acts as a filter through which you interpret the world. It is not a description for someone’s arrogance, rather it is the vehicle for a whole spectrum of emotions, created by the lens it places across your life experiences. Your values, beliefs, your modus operandi, they are all created by your ego and your past is a huge influence.

In Stone Heart I take you through the journey of remapping the canvas of your mind, so when you make decisions in your present moment, they are not skewed by events in your past.

The most important thing to remember is that your values and beliefs are malleable. You can start to rewire your operating system at any time and regain control. This rewiring really does start at the beginning with some self-reflection, taking each stage of your life in turn and examining the main events that may have contributed to your unconscious values and beliefs.

What are your current values and beliefs? Are they leading you to the outcomes you desire?

By examining your current values and beliefs and looking back at your life experiences, you can start to draw parallels with how your life to date has shaped your belief system. Once you understand this you can begin to reshape those beliefs and develop your own personal operating system that will more effectively lead you to the goals you wish to achieve.

Of course there will always be some degree of external influence to your system, but by applying the Stone Heart Light Heart principles you can build your resilience to external factors and remain steadfast in the face of challenge.

This is where detachment comes into play. Detachment from the ideas of others and also detachment from your own perspective. It is important to hear and understand the perspectives of others without considering them a threat to your own. It is as important, if not more so, to be able to look at your own perspectives objectively as if you were outside looking in; acknowledging them but not allowing them to define you or influence how you respond to a specific situation.

The realisation that the ideas and thoughts we are connecting to are separate to ourselves stops us from becoming emotionally attached to them. Being aware of these attachments is the first step to mastering how to effective detach.

If you want to take charge of your future, you must detach from the past.

Of course, there are times when drawing on past experience is beneficial, we don’t continually make the same mistakes again and again when we know a particular approach doesn’t work. This is consciously tapping into the past. However, when your past unconsciously skews your view of a current situation you are open to a cycle of repeated future outcomes, with your ability to transcend that repetitive loop severely impeded.

Our stories shouldn’t shape our future; by allowing this we are limiting our potential. Self Mastery draws a line in the sand – a pathway to recreate your values and beliefs to enable you to shape your future and open up a world of possibility.


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