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Stone Heart, Light Heart - The Intelligence of Self Mastery brings together the ancient laws of the universe and unites mysticism with the science of psychology.


Stone Heart is tough and detached; a warrior of spirit, wielding the ability to overcome fear and self-doubt. Light Heart is the spiritual aspect of you that brings forth joy, love and acceptance.


When you master both Stone Heart and Light Heart, a power rises within you, giving you the unwavering passion to manifest your dreams.


This book will show you how to:

• Find the ‘I’ within

• Master your mind

• Develop grit and mental toughness

• Succeed by developing your courage to fail

• Defeat fear and self-doubt

• Find your inner warrior

• Forgive and love all that is

• Master the laws of the universe

• Find your purpose

• Develop an unwavering passion to chase your dreams


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The Mastery Journal has been created to support you on your journey of self mastery. 


Simple daily habits such as reflections, goals and intention setting will keep you on track as you put the learnings from Stone Heart Light Heart into practice. 


Purchase The Mastery Journal as a bundle with Stone Heart Light Heart and save! 

Go to Stone Heart Light Heart / Hard cover journal bundle

Go to Stone Heart Light Heart / Paperback journal bundle


Stone Heart, Light Heart

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