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Recognising and Reframing Redundancy

If you just got made redundant, you’re not alone.

In my role as recruitment agency CEO and through the executive development network I run, I am hearing more and more about redundancies at all levels, in all disciplines.

Each person that opens up to me about the aftermath of what is an enormous, and often totally unexpected change, I am acutely reminded how stigmatising it can feel, and the toll that the negative mental health impacts can take on ability to move forward.

I have coached so many people in this space recently and wanted to share this with my wider community with the purpose of providing solidarity, support and a path forwards. Self mastery can guide you through this period of change with a different energy that will not only increase your happiness but will help you manifest new opportunities, bringing you out of this period into a new chapter.

An illustration of a Cactus and the words cultivating resilience

What you might be experiencing

If you’re currently going through a redundancy (or maybe your partner or close friend or colleague is) I’d imagine that some, if not all, of the following are going on right now:

  • You feel singled out

  • Your confidence has taken a hit

  • You’re overthinking and worrying about the future

  • You’re overthinking and overanalysing the past

  • You are questioning your worth and abilities

  • Your overall physical health and wellbeing are being impacted as a result

What we resist persists

Redundancy comes as a shock and you should allow some time to come to terms with what has happened in order to then be equipped to accept it and move forwards.

Renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung taught us that ‘what we resist persists.’ Resistance isn’t necessarily pushing back and hoping to change the outcome. It can manifest as blame, denial, avoidance, or minimisation. None of these behaviours will serve you, they are your ego creating stories around the redundancy to try and make sense of it.

Instead of resisting, allow yourself to become aware of, and acknowledge, whatever is coming up for you. As a result, you will process the situation much quicker and be then ready to move to a phase of acceptance and action.

During the processing period, it’s important to know this:

  • It's okay to feel really flat about being "the one" they chose

  • Even if you rationally understand that it's a company "cost out", the focus of that can be really difficult for your ego to come to terms with

  • Being made redundant can bring up negative feelings from childhood like being rejected or memories of not belonging

  • It is not uncommon to question your ability and feel some decline in self-worth

These are difficult for the mind to process, so accept that this will disrupt you for a short period of time. Make sure you are giving yourself time to process these thoughts in a space where you are not interrupted. Meditation can be hugely beneficial as can journalling. Balancing these periods of reflection with mindfulness, perhaps getting out of your head and into your body through physical activity, will ensure they don’t become all-consuming.

Don't allow this processing period to control your energy for too long

Once you understand what is coming up for you and why, it’s time to develop a deep awareness of that and start to reframe the situation. Gratitude can seem counterintuitive, but it’s a great place to start.

There are many positives that come from a redundancy.

There is suddenly more time to focus on you:

  • More time to interact with kids if you have a family, and/or do things you don't usually have time or opportunity to do

  • Pick up outstanding projects, such as fixing things around the house

  • More time to read, reflect, and grow

  • You have a short, paid break ahead of you to rest and regroup

  • There are opportunities awaiting you:

  • Thinking about and refining your personal brand and your pitch

  • Building your professional network

  • Meeting great recruiters and talent acquisition professionals who can guide you to the right-fit opportunities

  • A brand-new job and fresh start

And so much more.

Where your attention goes, your energy flows

When you allow acknowledgement of what has happened and then move to a reframe, your energy will shift. Let your fresh energy fuel a new vision for yourself. Allow the mourning of redundancy to happen and then shift your focus.

This focus and energy will shine through in all your meetings with recruiters, talent teams and prospective employers. Resilience, agility, motivation and self-awareness are fast becoming sought after skills by employers.

When you focus on your inner world you will start to see things happening in your outer world.

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