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Top 5 mind hacks for self-mastery

Lockdown is a great opportunity to reshape your habits and focus more on your mental wellbeing. These simple steps are easy to implement and take control of your own happiness.

The best thing about lockdown is our focus on mental health. We shine a spotlight on participating in activities that will keep our emotional and spiritual wellbeing in tip-top condition. Any regional lockdown will come and go but it’s a great opportunity for you to reshape your current habits, to see if you can include some positive wellbeing habits into your leadership behaviours. Here are my top 5 mind hacks for self-mastery during lockdown. 1. Steal back time. Reduce a 1-hour meeting to 50 minutes and take the last 10 for yourself. To regroup, have a break and break mental state. What can be done in 60 minutes can be done in 50 minutes with better planning.

2. Look out the window, look at the trees, the sky, open your mind to nature. This will break your state and slow down your brain waves. Excessive thinking and analysing leads to mental illness. Stopping it creates space for mental wellness.

3. Swap small talk for deep talk. Humans seek connection. Connection and rapport release positive hormones giving us a release of endorphins. Be vulnerable, share personally where possible, particularly on zoom and watch that positive energy flow in.

4. Stop and breathe – disrupt low vibrational thoughts with your breath. Oxygenation and the relaxing nature of breathing immediately shift you out of a funk.

5. Still do your morning and afternoon drive to and from the office but this time put on a podcast, audible or some awesome music to break state. This time shall pass, but don’t let it pass without a good lesson. Don’t outsource your mental health to anyone. It’s yours to own and yours to foster.


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