Disagree in the boardroom but never on the floor. Here is a good example of why.

Updated: May 28, 2019

Business people having a disagreement in a boardroom
Disagree in the boardroom, but never on the floor

A candidate of mine was working with a company and had progressed from a Senior Accountant to a Financial Controller during his tenure.

Recently the CFO role became vacant. The organisation did a market-wide search with one of the global top four recruitment agencies. My candidate was benchmarked against the market and subsequently was told that he was unsuccessful.

“Disappointed, pissed off, cheated, how can you do this to me, this is unfair” were his words to his CEO.

He spoke to the CEO about his disappointment. He then continued with this, “despite your decision, I want you to know that I still stand united with you”.

My candidate was just informed by the CEO that he was so impressed with his behaviour and leadership around the decision not to hire him, that the Board changed their mind on the external appointment and have extended an offer to him to be the CFO.  

People are not judged by their intentions. People are judged on their behaviours.

My candidates decision to not reflect any bitterness towards the Board for the external appointment provided a real-life scenario of behaviour in action.  

Even in our competitive market, people still value loyalty and leadership as core behaviour traits.

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