Are you nailing your pitch in an interview? Or are you a boring pitcher?

Updated: May 28, 2019

I have mentored many candidates to win in interviews and the ones that do, win because they speak to their “why”  not their “how” and their “what”.

Your pitch

Your pitch is less about your resume, it’s more about what makes you tick. It’s more about your experiences that have shaped who you have become.  No one else can have the same pitch because you are the only one who has lived your life.  It’s about articulating WHY do you do what you do.

The most boring pitches are the ones where people tell me their “how” and “what” without talking to their “why”.

Boring Example:

“I’m a Financial Controller for an ASX multi-national, I have a team of 10 and I am accountable for monthly results”.

Winning Example:

A better pitch could sound like this... ”I knew from a young adult that my passion was helping people and fixing problems. After graduating from Uni it was clear to me that I could make a real impact in the world working in finance, as finance professionals are at the cold face of business problem management. I believe that finance execs that truly excel are the ones that have people at the centre of decision making; this is what has made me the successful Financial Controller that I am today. I bring together my strength in problem-solving and my passion for helping people to run best in class finance teams where processes are streamlined and people are engaged in the vision".

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